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The Importance of Railings

close up of functional and attractive railing on patio stairs demonstrates the importance of railings

When you have a raised patio or deck, the importance of railings cannot be denied. While the term ‘safety railing’ doesn’t sound very glamorous, function and form can go together. A railing can enhance the look of your patio or deck as well as provide that added layer of safety. During patio and deck installation, your landscaping consultant will be able to walk you through the options so that your backyard space will be both beautiful and secure.


Do I Have to Have Railings on My Deck or Patio?

Local safety codes vary from region to region, but the importance of railings is obvious. Your landscaping consultant will know the relevant codes for your area. You may also wish to consult your homeowner’s insurance policy, which might require you to follow certain safety regulations in order to stay in compliance. Even if you are hesitant about whether or not you want railings on your patio or deck, you may find that the options available are more aesthetically pleasing than you think.

Railings on a Deck: Beautiful and Safe

If you are building a raised deck, railings may already be part of the design. Many raised decks incorporate railings that match the wood used for the overall construction. Matching wood is not your only option, though. Some of the other possible options are:

  • Vinyl – easy to maintain, can achieve almost any look
  • Concrete – modern look, inexpensive, can be colored, stamped, or molded
  • Metal – many options ranging from traditional to ultra-modern look
  • Glass – beautiful, modern, doesn’t interrupt the view

Railings on a Patio: Defining Your Space

In addition to the safety benefits of adding railings to your patio, they can also help to define your space visually. This can greatly enhance the look of your outdoor space and determine the course of other landscaping projects, thus demonstrating the importance of railings. Even if your patio is not raised, adding some railings can keep the area clear of debris, deter children and pets from walking through garden beds, and add a polished look to your backyard oasis.

What Are the Most Popular Materials for Deck and Patio Railings?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to railing installation. No matter your personal taste or individual needs, there is a railing type to fit your desires and budget. Some of the popular railings you might find on a patio or deck are:

  • Wrought iron – traditional, ornate look, durable, can be painted
  • Vinyl – easy to maintain, weatherproof, variety of looks
  • Stone – highly durable, beautiful look, can be modern or traditional
  • Concrete – inexpensive, can be colored or shaped as needed, durable
  • Metal/wire – modern, doesn’t interrupt views, minimal
  • Glass panel – beautiful, modern, minimal, goes with almost any look

What Are Some Other Benefits of Railings?

In addition to safety concerns and aesthetics, railings can also double as other decorative and lighting elements in your outdoor space. Many railings can be fitted with lighting, adding a dramatic flair to your patio or deck. Railings can also include planters or other decorative elements, allowing you to extend your personal vision from the yard into the living space.

Valley Deck and Patio Are Railing Installation Experts

If you have been dreaming of upgrading your outdoor space, it might be time to bring in the experts. We at Valley Deck & Patio are committed to helping our clients make their backyard dreams come true. Our landscaping consultants have been creating beautiful backyard oases all over the state of Maryland, and we would love to show you what we can do for you. Contact us today at 410.983.6261 and take the first step towards your family’s new outdoor life.