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What Are Landscaping Services?

a man showing a customer what are landscaping services

Landscapers can handle a lot of the services that go into your yard and flowers looking colorful every spring and summer. However, many people are unaware of the services that most landscapers provide to their customers. They do much more than just keep your grass from growing to high. Knowing the services landscapers provide can help you save time and even money. By finding someone who can complete all the work you need to be done, you can spend less time and energy searching for different people to do different tasks. Take the time to learn what are landscaping services and how Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio can help you today.

Landscaping Services

Landscapers provide a number of services that help design how you want the outside of your home to look. They will likely do work for both residential areas as well as private companies. When you hire a landscaper, you are also getting someone who is an expert of local plants and what plants will do well in your environment. They can help you plan your yard layout in order to fit your dream garden or yard. Landscapers typically have a team of people who are also well trained. Whether your bushes need new mulch or you want to start a flower bed, landscapers can help make it happen. When you ask what are landscaping services, the answer is simple.

Landscape Design

Before we can begin planing, it is important to design the landscape. By designating where everything should go, you can get an idea of your future yard. Planning ahead can ensure that you have a say in your yard’s layout.

Planting and Landscape Installation

Not everyone has the tools and the resources to redo their lawns. It often requires a lot of machinery and knowledge that some people do not have. Luckily, landscaping companies have all of those things. When it is time to install any new additions to your lawn, we send a team with all the necessary equipment to bring your idea to life.

Sod Installation

When homeowners first move into a new home, they want to fix any problem areas. Sometimes that means fixing bare spots in the yard. We offer the choice of sod installation or planting new grass to grow. This way, you do not have to wait for the grass to get greener by itself.

Hardscape Services

Hardscaping allows you to build pathways, walls, fire features, as well as patios. If you want to do some outdoor additions to your home, landscapers can help make it happen. Our experts can help design and install any outdoor features you wish to add to your home.

Landscape and Hardscape Maintenence

Once the installation is complete, a landscaper’s work is not done. A service landscapers provide is maintenance services for your new outdoor features. These services include services like:

Taking care of your new features can be tough to keep up with. In addition to installing, landscapers can help make sure that the features maintain good condition and make any repairs necessary to ensure it continues to work properly.

Call Valley LSP for Landscaping Services

It is time to upgrade your yard. With our expert team, we can help you bring the yard of your dreams to life. We offer these landscaping services in addition to a number of others to make sure your yard always looks good. They include:

If you have any questions or concerns about the services we provide, call 410.983.6261 today. We are more than happy to help.