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When is Sod Installation a Good Choice?

man installs sod into yard

Sod landscaping is one of the fastest ways to get a green, lush landscape in place. Not every situation warrants the use of sod, though. If you are thinking about sod installation, let our team at Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio provide you with the guidance you need. We offer comprehensive installation of sod in Catonsville.

Is Sod Installation the Best Option?

Sod installation can be a good investment, especially if you do not want to wait for the seed to grow in to create that full lawn. Sod offers a number of key advantages, including:

  • It creates an instant lawn. Once unrolled and put into place, your lawn looks amazing even on that first day (if it is installed properly).
  • Laying it in the spring and fall offers the best results, but year-round installation is possible. 
  • If you are struggling with soil erosion, sod installation may be the best choice as it can minimize the ongoing erosion quickly.
  • Overall, it is less expensive to install sod if you have to do a lot of solid preparation work. 
  • You have an overall better choice over the way the lawn looks with a variety of installations.

Sod does require some time to install and needs to have a good amount of maintenance in the first few weeks. During that time, you’ll need to water every day. Sod is more expensive than installing seed for a lawn, but the amount of time it saves may make up for that. There is still the need for some soil preparation to add in sod. Finally, it’s always important to have a professional install it. If that doesn’t happen, chances are good the sod will look unnatural, or it may fail to thrive.

What Should You Expect from Sod Grass Installation?

Our team will come to your home to provide a full consultation. Our goal is to learn what you want your grass to look like and how you want it to lay. Our team can make recommendations about the best way for you to get that fresh, beautiful lawn. For example, if seeding or re-seeing the area just is not the right decision or will take too much time, sod grass installation may be the better option. We’ll make recommendations for you based on your budget, too.

Once the process of installing your sod landscaping is in place, the team comes out and does some soil prep work. This is to help ensure the soil existing in the lawn area is loose enough to allow the roots to grow. At the same time, we may need to add nutrients to help ensure the sod can thrive once in place.

How to Get Sod Services in Maryland

If you need sod in Catonsville, give our team a call. The process only takes a few minutes to set up a consultation. Our team can provide you with installation and materials costs and work with you to schedule a good time to handle the process. We can install sod on your residential or commercial property within a matter of hours. Once in place, it will start to grow and flourish, especially over the next few weeks. 

When you’re ready to add beauty to your home, you need the right team on your side. Let our professionals help with:

Don’t Guess When to Install – Call Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio for Help

Sod installation is an excellent way to add value and beauty to your residential or commercial space. If you are looking for help with sod in Catonsville, call Valley Landscaping, Stone, & Patio today. Our team is happy to help you with a consultation when you call 410.983.6261 or connect with us online.