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When to Replace Your Patio

possible options for when to replace your patio

Like everything else that has to regularly brave the elements, your patio takes a beating over the years. Rain, ice, snow, and other forces nature are constantly putting stress on your patio and other hardscape features. Everything has some kind of a lifespan before it needs to be updated or replaced. But how do you know when to replace your patio. Many homes have never had their patio replaced. It can be a tough process and if it is not badly damaged then why spend money on it? Knowing the right time to invest in your patio varies from home to home. There are some obvious signs and some more subtle ones, but it is important to be aware so you can know when it is time to call someone to help.

Signs to Replace Your Patio Deck

A lot of modern decks are built with treated wood to withstand harmful insects and water damage for decades. But as time passes, the treatment wears off and can leave your deck exposed to possible damage. The wood boards are usually the most exposed and first to deteriorate over time. Many homes have older decks, meaning their lifespan is nearing its end. An estimated 40 million homes have decks that are older than 20 years old. These are some of the most at risk for causing injury. It can be hard to know exactly what to look for when looking for signs of damage, but here are some that can help you determine your next steps of when to replace your patio.

Annual inspections can help you catch problem areas before it becomes serious. It is important to check both the deck surface and the underdeck. In the event you discover softwood, the planks are likely suffering from rot. You can start by applying wood preservatives to prevent the rot from spreading but that solution will not last forever. If you have boards that are beginning to fracture or warp, they are likely no longer structurally sound and need to be replaced. Wood patios can also dry and splinter if not properly maintained. If you find your patio is suffering from these issues, replacements are highly recommended.

What to Replace Your Patio With

At Valley Landscaping, Stone and Patio, we want to make sure you get a deck that will last you for years. As nice as wood is, it has a much shorter lifespan than other options. If you are looking to replace your patio, we can help. We provide a number of options to help you get a beautiful new outdoor space. Some of the patio installation materials we offer include:

  • Concrete: This is one of the more versatile and adaptable materials to add to your patio. It is much easier to maintain and clean and can come in different texture, shapes, and colors.
  • Brick: Brick is a strong and durable material that can help your patio match your home. It can give your patio a more classic and aged look.
  • Flagstone: These are larger slabs that come in irregular and unpredictable shapes. They come from a number of different materials like sandstone, limestone, and quartzite.

Regardless of what your preference is, there are options available for you and your home. When it is time to replace your patio, know how to get the look you want today.

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Your patio is one of the most important features of your home. We can help you replace or repair it to make sure you always like the way it looks. In addition to patio installation and replacement, we also offer:

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