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Why Get a Paver Patio Under Your Deck?

a worker putting down pieces of stone for a paver patio under deck

When creating the ultimate outdoor entertaining space, doing more with less is always advantageous. If you’re bothering to build a new deck or just looking to create more space connected to your deck, consider putting a paver patio under your deck. For most people, the space under a raised deck is unused – or dead – space. Make the most of your outdoor space by adding a usable entertaining area beneath the deck for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy for years to come. Give the Valley Deck & Patio team a call today at 410.983.6261 to learn more about paver patios in Maryland.

What Is a Paver Patio?

Pavers have come a long way since they first came on the market. You may remember them as small pink or gray squares that weren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Today, you have almost unlimited size, shape, patterns, color, and texture options. Pavers are easy to install and easy to repair or replace. You can even get pavers that look like other types of stone. Unique designs can be created depending on how the pavers are placed and laid out.

Before you decide on a paver patio under your deck, you’ll need to make sure you have enough headroom for people to comfortably and safely move around the space. You should also consider drainage when putting in a patio under a deck. Water will naturally come through deck materials to the patio underneath. You might want to install ceiling material to protect the patio and drainage built into the patio to protect your foundation.

While paver patios are a great option for under your deck, they are also great for creating walkways, pathways, and main patios in your yard (not as an extension of a deck).

Advantages of Paver Patios

Having more space to enjoy and entertain outside is a no-brainer. Adding a paver patio underneath your existing deck can be smart to achieve this without a huge investment. Adding steps from the deck to the patio can connect the spaces and make them function as one large entertaining space. A paver patio under a deck allows you to create another “room” by adding elements like comfortable outdoor seating, outdoor landscape lighting, and even a ceiling fan or outdoor television.

Paver patios have several advantages, including:

  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
  • A good investment
  • Looks great

This makes pavers patios an excellent way to upgrade your property and get the most out of the outdoors around your home. Reaching out to Valley Deck & Patio at 410.983.6261 can be your first step in getting the outdoor patio you desire.

Paver Patio Installation in Maryland

When considering putting in a paver patio, selecting a reputable licensed contractor for your patio installation services is the most important thing. You will always benefit when you work with certified, bonded, insured professionals and have the training and experience necessary to provide exceptional service. Do your due diligence when researching contractors in greater Baltimore, Maryland. Ask for referrals, check reviews, read customer testimonials, and be sure to look at portfolios to see the caliber of work they do.

Valley Deck & Patio Installs Paver Patios

At Valley Deck & Patio, we specialize in everything to help you better enjoy your outdoor space. We excel at creative ways to enhance your front or backyard, including paver patios. Our expert team is happy to provide you with a no-commitment consultation and quotation before any work begins. We offer several patio material options, including:

  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Cut stone

Give our team a call today at 410.983.6261 to learn more about all of your patio and outdoor living options in the greater Baltimore, Maryland area.