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Landscape Lighting Services

a yard benefiting from landscape lighting servicesYour house and garden should not disappear once the sun goes down. Professional outdoor lighting services in Columbia, MD will improve your home’s nighttime curb appeal and increase the safety and security of your home. Landscape lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination of public landscapes and private gardens, and it can bring an austere glow to your outdoor space. Valley Deck & Patio offers on-trend custom landscape lighting to help accent your outdoor space’s features in the moonlight.

As with every service we provide, outdoor lighting offers both aesthetic and functional benefits for your yard. Whether you’re looking for resort vibes, industrial energy, or a fairy garden effect, Valley Deck & Patio can breathe life into your vision. If your outdoor space is ready for improvement, reach out to Valley Deck & Patio today by calling 410-818-8008.

Our Custom Landscape Lighting Services

While some outdoor lights are permanent fixtures, Valley Deck & Patio recognizes the increasing popularity of other types of outdoor lighting in Maryland, including low-voltage (12-volt) light fixtures, solar-powered lights, and LED lights. Popular types of outdoor lighting include:

  • Pathway lighting
  • Area lighting
  • Uplighting (directional, spot, and floodlights)
  • Stake mount lighting
  • Wall lighting (surface mount)
  • Bollards and beacons
  • Tree-mount lights (downlights)
  • Patio lighting (surface mount)
  • Well lights (mounted below ground level)
  • Hardscape lighting (integrated into walls)
  • Step lighting (recessed into Catherine risers)
  • Bistro lighting
  • Electric lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Solar-powered lighting
  • Low-voltage lighting

By working with Valley Deck & Patio, you’ll have the expertise of a team that knows how lighting, hardscaping, landscaping, and other outdoor features need to work together. No matter which lighting solutions are right for your yard, we’ll make sure they work in harmony with every aspect of your outdoor retreat.
We are proud to offer the best patio lighting options in Maryland. Backyard getaways and patios have become more important than ever. Timeless options like Edison bulbs can lend elegance to social spaces, and they are more affordable and cost-effective than many people realize. And options like solar-powered deck lighting are excellent ways to reduce your carbon footprint. We will be happy to work within your budget in order to make your vision come to life.

The Importance of Custom Landscape Lighting

Your landscaping and hardscaping take on a whole new life as the sun goes down. Illuminating your trees, gardens, and water features is a stylish way to secure your home and protect the people who live there. Lighting pathways can help people avoid a fall, and hardscape lighting can help visitors locate your home. Valley Deck & Patio can help you select the outdoor light fixtures that will withstand the test of time.

Outdoor Light Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are designed mainly around how they are mounted to various surfaces. We offer weather-resistant light fixtures to light the outside of your home itself, emphasizing architectural details and landscape lines that are only visible at night. They also serve as lighting for entryways and driveways. Outdoor light fixtures include outdoor wall lights, string lights, outdoor post lights, and ceiling-mounted lights for gazebos. Free-standing outdoor ground lamps and outdoor string lights are also available to make your outdoor lighting more festive and engaging. The specialists at Valley Deck & Patio can help you plan your outdoor landscape lighting to transform the exterior of your home.

Transform Your Outdoor Space—Contact Valley Deck & Patio Today

The landscaping specialists at Valley Deck & Patio can offer sound advice about outdoor backyard lighting functionality and style. We offer free consultations and estimates. Whether you already have your vision in mind or you are seeking advice from a professional, we will be happy to customize our landscape lighting services to meet your needs. Our Maryland landscapers and lighting experts have the experience, practicality, resources, and vision necessary to transform your yard into a gathering place for your family and friends. If you’re ready for your home to take on a whole new look, give us a call today at 410-818-8008.