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4 Styles of Outdoor Lighting

Styles of outdoor lighting

Lighting can be a challenge when planning an exterior remodeling project. There are many considerations when it comes to the illumination of your yard. At the same time, there are about as many different options for lighting fixtures and styles. Understanding the main outdoor lighting styles can help you make the right choices for your project. Styles of landscape lighting are usually used in combination with one another in order to fulfill the needs of the homeowner, as well as properly light the space.

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The Four Styles of Outdoor Lighting and How They are Used

1. Floodlights

These lights are used to illuminate a large area. Most floodlights have an adjustable angle so that they can be specifically focused on the area that you want. Some floodlights are mounted on the exterior of the home. Others may be mounted on poles or other purpose-built structures. An example of an exterior floodlight could be lighting mounted above a garage door that illuminates the parking area and driveway.

2. Motion Sensor Lighting

Motion sensor lights are utilized when the need for lighting is related to security. Additionally, this type of lighting is useful when the homeowner wishes the lights to come on if someone is actively using the space, but stay off when the space is empty. Motion sensor lights might be used in side yards, areas of the yard that adjoin the street, or any spot that needs a little added security at night.

3. Spotlights

Spotlights are lights that brightly illuminate a specific area. These lights can highlight walkways, doors, or other important areas of the outdoor space. Spotlights can be placed for safety reasons, but also for aesthetic reasons. For example, a series of spotlights can illuminate a path from the detached garage to the back door of a home. This allows residents to safely find their way at night.

4. Aesthetic Lighting

Aesthetic lighting serves simply to beautify the space. This category of lighting style is the most varied because it can encompass many different types of fixtures, including the ones previously mentioned here. Although aesthetic lighting often pulls double duty as functional lighting, its main purpose is to highlight the look of the exterior living space.

Considerations for Outdoor Lighting Styles

When embarking on an exterior remodeling project, lighting is a crucial element. The overall look of the hardscaping is important. However, lighting is what will make the space livable during all times of day and night. Additionally, proper outdoor lighting can add a layer of security to your home, as well as safety for the occupants.

However, it’s necessary to consider the proximity of other homes in the design stage. After all, the principles of neighborly behavior require that lighting not become a nuisance to others. A good landscape designer with experience in outdoor lighting styles can help make sure that your home’s exterior is well-lit and beautiful. At the same time, they’ll make make sure you’re also being considerate of others.

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