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Surviving the Heat

woman tries to survive the summer heat

It has been hot in the Baltimore area for the past several days and the forecast is for still more heat. As we serve and continue to work with Top Turf Landscaping customers in Catonsville, Elkridge, and Hanover, we see a wide range of plant and grass health. Some plants and grass are staying green while others are browning up. No, it’s not dependent on your zip code, its equally hot and lacking rain across the board. The difference is how much the home owner is watering.

Especially at risk are newly planted or young plants. For these I recommend 20-30 minutes of water twice per day – once in the early morning and once at night time. For more mature plants they will still need to drink, once per day for 20-30 minutes should be enough. Quite simply, if there is brown on the plant you need to water more.

The same goes for grass. If grass is brown that means it is thirsty so give the lawn a good drink. Grass and plants are living things just like us. Imagine how healthy you would be if you were out side all day baking in the sun with no water to drink.

As we continue to experience a real summer heat wave, please make sure to keep yourself safe and hydrated. After all, that is more important than plants and grass which can be replaced. But, if you also want to have a green looking landscape, make sure to turn on the hose for the plants.